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James Henton

Working in KSA challenges James’ team-building skills: “Not only does the location present professional and technical challenges but it also poses cultural and language barriers. I enjoy being close to the operation of the business and being involved in a developing and growing business in the Middle East.”

“Every day you can make a difference”

“The rewards of working in KSA have given me opportunities to travel extensively. The location is an ideal stepping stone to the Far East.”

My favorite projects?

1. A large sports stadium, Jeddah
“When I arrived in KSA, this project was at full-speed and the client had just instructed an acceleration to the programme bringing the completion date forward by 12 months. This client challenged the norm, and our team thrived on this energy to push the boundaries.”

2. The Kingdom Tower, Jeddah 
“How many times in your career can you say you have been part of building the tallest building in the world?”

3. A banking group in Saudi Arabia
“I have been fortunate to be part of the Arcadis initiative to develop programme management in the KSA region. I am programme director for the first time, a role that allows me to put all my training into practice.”