Many avenues. One destination.

Our people get involved in more than their jobs, more than their offices and more than their projects. For Arcadis employees, the opportunities to grow, learn and explore are endless. Find out more about some of our diverse and passionate people.

Roy Cooper on great experiences - Operations Manager, US
“I’ve seen things most people don’t get to see.”

As leader of Aracdis’ Contract Solutions team in the Eastern US, Roy has developed long-lasting relationships with colleagues and clients: “I look back at some of my accomplishments over the last 18 years and can take pride in the things I’ve been a part of. I know none of my personal success could have been possible without the people around me.”

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Kate Francis on personal growth - Civil Engineer, Land Development, Australia
“Arcadis is the natural home for motivated graduates.”

Kate is a graduate engineer who has been pleasantly surprised by the breadth and depth of experience she has already gained at Arcadis: “I have been fortunate enough to work on a diverse range of projects, including suburban residential developments, transport projects and high-rise inner-city apartment blocks.”

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Georgina Ablett on making a difference - Project Manager, UK
“It is brilliant to be able to make a difference.”

Georgina, a chartered surveyor and project manager, cites her colleagues as the main reason she enjoys going to work every day: “The people I work with are a source of inspiration, guidance and fun. Within in Arcadis, there’s an incredible breadth of expertise. Someone is always able to answer my queries or direct me to someone else who can.”

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James Henton on amazing projects - Partner, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
“Every day you can make a difference”

Working in KSA challenges James’ team-building skills: “Not only does the location present professional and technical challenges but it also poses cultural and language barriers. I enjoy being close to the operation of the business and being involved in a developing and growing business in the Middle East.”

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Nathalie Ritzky on high standards - Key Account Manager, Belgium
“In everything I do, I aim for quality and simplicity with a clear identity.”

In her role, Nathalie knows that monitoring the market and ensuring Arcadis’ high standards must be constant in order to remain the best choice for clients: “I believe in putting the client at the center of everything. If you look for a real connection with your client, if you show them that Arcadis can bring the added value they need, they get confidence and an emotional preference for you.”

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Miriam Gomez Viloria on learning - Cost Consultant, UK
“My work is challenging on a daily basis, and I can see how my career is advancing.”

Cost consultant Miriam relishes the fact that Arcadis encourages its people to take control of their futures: “I am excited about my career development. I can openly discuss and work on my professional career goals with my managers. I also receive support on my MSc studies, and I am working towards my chartership.”

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Steven Lloyd on learning - Assistant Project Manager, UK
“Arcadis offers great opportunities for learning and progression.”

By working alongside a team of project management professionals in one of his first projects, Steven gained exposure to Arcadis as a rapidly expanding and passionate client organization: “It really allowed me to develop my technical skills and practical knowledge.”

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Robert Kroon on constant growth - Program Director, Business Development, The Netherlands
“We all learn, share and push each other to grow.”

Program director Robert works within Arcadis Performance Excellence, a top strategic program for Arcadis worldwide: “Leading the program in the Netherlands requires me to draw on my experience, and apply my creative, analytic and pragmatic skills."

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Mark Medazoumian on fresh ideas - Cost Consultant, UK
“Out-of-the-box thinking can flourish”

In his role as cost consultant, Mark sees a great number and range of projects in the Arcadis pipeline: “It means there is always a place to move, learn and grow. It’s a joy to share project news with colleagues. The flexibility within the office environment allows for ideas, and out-of-the-box thinking to flourish.”

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Caroline Dickson on quality of life - Environment, Safety and Risk Management Consultant, Human Factors, UK
“Our projects help users with real life, daily issues.”

Caroline derives a great deal of satisfaction from exploring new technologies in her role as an environment, safety and risk management consultant: “My projects to date have required me to look to the future and understand the challenges we face building and designing for a diverse population whose needs are changing. It is very exciting. I research what we might use and work collaboratively with colleagues overseas.”

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Becca Hearn on learning - Assistant Quantity Surveyor, UK
“I can tell my grandchildren I played a part in improving their quality of life.”

Becca’s job as a quantity surveyor has taken her to new places like Saudi Arabia, where she recently worked on a project and learned about the local culture. Her role has also taken her to new places professionally: “My projects are helping me build an amazing network and learn the more technical side. I have already learnt an unbelievable amount about the water industry and broadened my skillset overall.”

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Fayaaz Patel on global exposure - Project Manager, Hong Kong
“UK, Hong Kong and the Middle-East are already checked off!”

Fayaaz has worked in Arcadis locations around the world, including the United Kingdom, Hong Kong and the Middle East: “I’m excited about progressing my career at Arcadis and gaining leadership experience. Going forward, I know I can continue to develop my knowledge and experience across various sectors and service lines.”

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Clinton Pattinson on teamwork - Design Manager, Australia
“A high level of teamwork can deliver exceptional outcomes under great pressure”

From the day he started at Arcadis, design manager Clinton has felt like part of a team: “One of the first projects I worked on required a huge amount of teamwork. The architectural team actually changed its location so it could be with our engineering design team and hold regular review sessions. It meant the project was successfully delivered on time and under budget, and client was thrilled with the outcome."

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Javiera Garin on development - Project Engineer, Water Resource Management, Chile
“I feel motivated by the projects we are initiating and the challenges I face.”

As a specialist in hydraulic engineering, Javiera has had the opportunity to work as coordinator in a project management team: “My experience has allowed me to define the focus of my future professional endeavors. I have worked with valuable professionals from different fields and made great friends.”

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Carlos Sandoval on challenges - Project Engineer, Mining Management, Chile
“Having the chance to participate in urban infrastructure projects and their engineering challenges makes me extremely proud."

Leading the geotechnical discipline on various projects has allowed Carlos to gain not just technical skills, but also the ability to identify and interpret the needs of a client: “I feel confident I’m able to provide appropriate solutions for my clients’ demands”

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Jacob Froling on the big picture - European Sector Leader, Power & Utilities, The Netherlands
“The future is bright in the Power sector”

Through his work, Jacob has had the opportunity to experience some exciting developments in the power sector in Europe: “The transition towards renewable energy sources feeding into an interconnected smart grid will lead to a lot of opportunities for Arcadis.”

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Angelina Ling on being empowered - Advisor, Systems Engineering, The Netherlands
“Arcadis gives me the chance and opportunity to do the things I love.”

Angelina sees a lot of opportunity to grow in her role as an advisor to the systems engineering team: “I would like to contribute more to the development and user interface of the Arcadis systems engineering model. It would also be great to develop a systems engineering course and help to deliver it in the Netherlands and all the international offices.”

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