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  • Sectors: Rail and Urban Transport, Public Sector

Minimizing disruption while constructing a strategic flyover

Amsterdam, The Netherlands - The rail network in the Netherlands is increasingly overloaded, so a number of major infrastructure improvements are underway. The Utrecht Arch (Utrechtboog) rail viaduct facilitates direct train connections between Utrecht and Schiphol airport, without passengers needing to change trains at Duivendrecht station. This is a new section of rail 15m above ground consisting of two single-track flyovers, each measuring 1.5km in length.

3 km

of flyover constructed

Minimizing disruption while constructing a strategic railway flyover

Client Challenge

The main challenge for the client was to ensure that train traffic and passenger handling could continue with as few disturbances and out-of-service periods as possible during the realization of the project. This was the client’s first Design and Construct contract for a rail project in the Netherlands.

Movable Scaffolding System

For this project we helped our client throughout each stage, ensuring that design and execution was optimized. We applied a new technology for the construction of the flyovers, originally developed for mountainous areas – a Movable Scaffolding System (MSS). This system consists of a 140-metre-long steel sleeper to which the formworks are attached. The machine rests on the final columns – so that temporary support is not necessary – and can move itself across the columns.  MSS for the Utrecht Arch was unique because of the many adjustments and innovations and was developed especially for this project by the project contractor and the supplier, Bouwcombinatie Utrechtboog (BCU) and NRS from Norway. With MSS, the construction of the flyovers, with a total length of approximately 3km, was almost an industrial process.

Arcadis services

Arcadis was responsible for:

  • Architecture
  • Design
  • Integral project management
  • Building process supervision
  • Site management 
  • Operational management

Outcomes for the client:

  • Expert support through each stage of the project, to help the client implement their first Design and Build rail contract
  • Specialist expertise in innovative technology (MSS) meant that the project was delivered with minimum disruption to train traffic and passengers, while addressing the challenges of a complex site.


3 km

of flyover constructed

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