• Capabilities: Environmental Solutions, Master Planning and Sustainable Urban Development
  • Sectors: Chemical and Life Science

Sustainable remediation in the city

Italy, Europe - Sustainably redefining a former plant into an important urban and residential area for citizens.

Low impact to the surrounding area

On time and within budget

An Italian Multi National company needed to demolish and redefine their former plant, which was challenging as it was in a central city location.

Arcadis was engaged to provide decommissioning and remediation executive design and services to demolish and reclaim the former plant. The challenge was for Arcadis to complete the project within the three-year timescale, using sustainable methods and ensuring minimal impact on the surrounding urban area.

Arcadis adopted innovative technologies like thermal desorption, In Situ Chemical Oxidation (ISCO) and Multi Phase Extraction (MPE) to achieve the right outcome for the client.


Low impact to the surrounding area

On time and within budget

Creating future residential zone

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