What is your roadmap for competitive advantage?

How do you deal with changing market demands while addressing social and environmental challenges? How do you decide and innovate in a world driven by fast-growing competitors all around us? Do you collaborate with stakeholders and suppliers, engaging them at the right time? Do you know what drives your end consumer today and will do, let’s say, five years from now? Your answers to these and other questions will determine whether your processes for capital investments are fit for the future work of your organization.

These and other topics are at the heart of managing capital investments. Read how forty European executives in your sector manage their capital investments. 

Whereas yesterday’s forecast was more or less predictable, today’s forecast is not. 

As a capital investment manager, you are probably confronted with lots of choices and influenced by many variables when it comes to decision-making. But whereas yesterday’s business risks, investment budgets, market conditions and growth rate were more or less predictable, the factors that influence capital investment decisions today are far more complex. We are entering a whole new industrial revolution, based on new technological innovations in internet technology. With industry 4.0, driven by the internet of things, your decision-making process is more complex than ever. With manufacturing needs increasing but investment falling, a gap is being created that, if not addressed, will result in manufacturers being unable to meet demand. This gap will only widen if this trend continues, resulting in huge missed opportunities.

What is your roadmap for competitive advantage?

In the coming decade, the supply chain will change into a multi-layered value chain in which decisions are not just based on the current state of an asset. Your capital decisions will become of strategic value to the organization, as well as to suppliers and the social and natural environment. And they will largely depend on a whole network of influential parties. We believe that the seven key success factors identified by our survey will help to influence your strategic value for today and tomorrow, whether you are in the decision-making phase, from idea to investment, or already in the engineering and construction phase.

We would like to inspire you by offering insights into some of our clients’ capex
projects and into how they have applied several factors for success throughout
Europe. We would also like to share the vision and challenges of forty European executives in the industrial market. We sincerely hope these best practices will stimulate your process of planning capital investment programs that will suit the demands of tomorrow.

If you’re looking to find out where you stand on all 7 key success factors and how to plan for competitive advantage? Please feel free to contact us.

Together we can build the formula of the future.

This is a supplementary report with the most important highlights fromout the European field of managing industrial capital investments. 

All results are based on the global survey

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What is your roadmap for competitive advantage?

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