• Press Release
  • May 14, 2018
  • Milan

Cava di Geregnano

Milan - Arcadis signs site remediation contract with Borio Mangiarotti.

Arcadis Italia,  today announced that it will be responsible for the site remediation of the Cava di Geregnano (quarry), sited in the South-West area of Milan (Italy). The 20 million euro project has been commissioned by leading Italian construction firm Borio Mangiarotti, to Arcadis Italia and Ambienthesis, a firm specialized in site remediation.

The site remediation follows a three steps action. The first phase will be characterized by the excavation of the area, followed by the removal of waste and contaminated terrains. The intervention will be concluded by securing the park area. 

Baptized SeiMilano, the Real Estate plan of Borio Mangiarotti encompasses a 170.000 m2 parc, a school, offices, a kindergarten, residential housing and commercial services.

 “Being able to lead a project which will make Milan a model for resiliency and sustainability makes us extremely proud. Works of this kind are textbook examples of Arcadis’ passion to improve quality of life” comments Roberto Talotta, Country Leader and Managing Director of Arcadis Italia.

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