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Jacob Froling

Sector Leader Power & Renewables Europe

Through his work, Jacob has had the opportunity to experience some exciting developments in the power sector in Europe: “The transition towards renewable energy sources feeding into an interconnected smart grid will lead to a lot of opportunities for Arcadis.” 

“The future is bright in the Power sector”

“We are working hard to deliver exceptional consultancy and program/project management services for our clients. Looking at our ambitions, footprint, and experience and knowledge, I am convinced Arcadis will continue to become a leading player in this field.”

What do you love about working for Arcadis? 
“After a year and a half as an EU sector leader, I now have a lot of international contacts. For me, it is very inspiring to work in other countries and see the differences in the way we work and learn from each other.”  

How do you see Arcadis values coming to life?
 For me, Arcadis values come to life in two main ways: through inspiring projects and clients, and by being part of an organization that gives you room for personal development and growth”. 

What are the favorite projects you have worked on?

  1. 1. Framework agreement engineering for an electricity provider, Netherlands
  2. “The tender process required a period of very hard, intensive work, which was at times quite stressful. When we finally got the good news, I felt very proud that I was part of this team and what we had achieved.”
  3. 2. Implementing the “pull-through strategy”
  4. “This year, the team has successfully delivered several consultancy projects, as well as two large programs for an electricity provider in the Netherlands. I’m proud we have been able to grow the business in this way.”