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Cora Pothoven

European leader compliance management

In her role as European account manager, Cora takes a client-driven approach: “I strongly believe that our clients in the same sector can learn a lot from each other. Working closely with our clients, I feel responsible for bringing about business continuity, focusing on compliance management, risk management and people management.”

“A satisfied client is my main goal. I work hard to achieve that.”

“For a recent project, I really felt part of something big and able to influence processes in a positive way. For example, we were able to organize the maintenance operations in a way that empowered employees to be pro-active in flagging non-compliant situations and provide management with all the tools they needed to control risks.” 

What do you love about working for Arcadis?
“I love working at Arcadis because they can help our clients globally. They are fully equipped to facilitate my personal development.” 

How does Arcadis help your professional development? 
“I love being among people and partnering with them. By inspiring people and connecting them to each other, we can achieve extra value.”

How do you see Arcadis values coming to life?
“I get lot of energy when working with our clients and helping them to find out what they really need, find solutions and achieve results together.| 

My favorite projects 
  1. 1. Pharmaceutical client: Safety Behavior
  2. “As I was involved for a long period, I became a part of the organization. I participated in maintenance projects and took a fresh look at the safety culture, which helped the client to improve safety measures.”

  3. 2. Leading European bottler of Drinks: Compliance management
  4. “As the Dutch compliance manager, I supported my team in building a register that works as a filter for environmental and occupational health laws and regulation.”

  5. 3. Chemical client: e.g. Remediation projects
  6. “As a European account manager, I support my teams in strategic advice on how to tackle and address their pollution issues. We discuss questions like, ‘How can we adopt best practices for other sites abroad?’”