Many avenues. One destination.

Our people get involved in more than their jobs, more than their offices and more than their projects. For Arcadis employees, the opportunities to grow, learn and explore are endless.

Bruno Raeymaekers on global links - Technical Consultant, Belgium
“Working across borders is both challenging and inspiring.”

Over the 10 years Bruno has worked at Arcadis, he has seen the company evolve from a fairly localized entity in Belgium to a truly international organization. This shift has changed the nature of his role into one that brings him great excitement for the future.

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Cora Pothoven on client focus - European Account Manager, The Netherlands
“A satisfied client is my main goal. I work hard to achieve that.”

In her role as European account manager, Cora takes a client-driven approach: “I strongly believe that our clients in the same sector can learn a lot from each other. Working closely with our clients, I feel responsible for bringing about business continuity, focusing on compliance management, risk management and people management.”

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Jacob Froling on the big picture - European Sector Leader, Power & Utilities, The Netherlands
“The future is bright in the Power sector”

Through his work, Jacob has had the opportunity to experience some exciting developments in the power sector in Europe: “The transition towards renewable energy sources feeding into an interconnected smart grid will lead to a lot of opportunities for Arcadis.”

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Robert Kroon on constant growth - Program Director, Business Development, The Netherlands
“We all learn, share and push each other to grow.”

Program director Robert works within Arcadis Performance Excellence, a top strategic program for Arcadis worldwide: “Leading the program in the Netherlands requires me to draw on my experience, and apply my creative, analytic and pragmatic skills. Together with my colleagues across Europe, we developed a highly efficient way of working which will help us meet client demands and leverage our global footprint. Our clients, employees and stakeholders will benefit from this work in the future.”

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