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Spielberk Office Centre

Brno, Czech Republic - CTP is a leading developer of commercial real estate in the Czech Republic. The main activity of the company is a chain of 36 CTParks. Another part of their activities is Spielberk Office Centre in Brno (the flagship of CTP’s office projects), CTOffice and CTZone (smart solution for small and medium enterprises). Spielberk Office Centre is a dynamic administrative centre fulfilling the requirements of modern society and current trends in the field of sustainable buildings.

16 500 m²

Total Area

 Office building Spielberk Tower with its 21 floors forms a dominant feature among other buildings in Brno. Its glassed façade complements the existing modern office buildings built in a high standard of CTP. The complex of administrative buildings includes also restaurants, cafes, retail stores, fitness centre and a variety of other services. It means that the administrative centre provides not only comfort for occupants of the building, but also has positive impact on the environment because everything is available without the need to use means of transport that burn fossil fuels. To set up the balance between nature and users’ needs a lake is situated in the close proximity, contemplated by the green park. EC HARRIS Prague and its “Green team” provides comprehensive services for obtaining the BREEAM certification, including the BREEAM International Assessor services, who manages entire certification process. The building received the certificate for project phase, so-called Interim Design Certificate at the level Excellent in November 2012. The building has received 05/13 final certificate on level Outstanding, which is the highest possible rating level. Spielberk Office Centre – The Tower is the first building with certificate Outstanding outside UK.

The benefits of the certification for the building

• During the construction were imposed very strict requirements for the protection of natural resources and surrounding of the building from pollution caused by potential hazardous substances (both liquid and dust) and by noise or light smog. It was consistently taken care of health and safety of the workers and people moving in the immediate surroundings of the building. Great emphasis was placed on the treatment of waste focused on recycling and reusing of materials in order to minimize the amount of waste disposed of in the landfills.

• A special Manual have been created for the building users – a detailed simply guide how to use all the equipment in the building and a Travel plan including information about all possibilities of transportation nearby. 

• Building materials and building interior installations were chosen also on the basis of life cycle analysis (LCA), which takes into account not only the purchase costs of the material but also operating cost for the entire lifetime of the building materials and subsequent cost of their disposal. The significant volume of construction material was confirmed as produced and mined out / gained with regards to the environment. 

• Obtaining the certificate gives future tenants the assurance of high quality of the building design suitable for its comfortable use (the design was done by Studio Acht). The indoor environment provides thermal control, plenty of natural light, fresh air (delivered not only via forced ventilation but also via openable windows), low noise level and low content of pollutants from the installed materials. Outdoor blinds and artificial lighting are part of an intelligent system that provides maximum energy savings and allows users to customize the intensity of the light or the position of the blinds as needed. The possibility to control the thermal comfort is a must. 

• All energies in the building are accurately measured on a secondary basis, which provides not only immediate overview of consumption and potential equipment failure, but also allows tenants to pay only for the energy actually consumed. 

• Advantageous location close to the historic city centre within walking distance from bus stops and excellent availability of a large number of services in the complex of the buildings reduces the need for automobile transportation and thus reduce production of the greenhouse gases harmful to the environment. 

• For users who travel to work by bike are prepared complete back of house facilities: lockable bike room with installed security cameras and stands and hooks for bicycles. For secure storage of cycling clothing are installed lockable ventilated cabinets and, of course, there are separated men's and women's washrooms and toilets. An important part is the connection to the local cycling infrastructure, without which are even the best facilities for cyclists pointless. Users surely appreciate the rental of Dutch bikes, which is available to all employees and visitors of the complex. 

• Sanitary facilities were chosen with regards to minimize the water consumption. Toilets and urinals are set to power saving flush mode, sensor basin faucets are low flow and on the showers were installed flow limiters with the possibility to set the desired water-saving flow rate. On the supply water branch into each sanitary core a solenoid valve is installed which is connected to the motion sensor. Thus the potential leakage of the potable water is prevented (for uncontrolled toilet flush leakage, or when the faucet is not properly closed). 

• The main water connection is linked to the BMS system and thus allows detect possible water leaks in the water supply for the building as well as in the entire building. Sanitary facilities, using solenoid valves and motion sensors, are connected to the water only when are actually used. 

• On the significant part of the land the greenery was planted not only for recreation and relaxation of employees, but on the large part of the area were seeded native species of vegetation, herbs, grasses, shrubs and trees that supports the original biodiversity and provides shelters to small vertebrates, useful insect and birds.


16 500 m²

Total Area

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