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Panattoni Park Cheb South Real Digital

Cheb, Czech Republic - The highest rated Industrial building against the BREEAM International 2016 New Construction in the world and the first of its kind in the Czech Republic to score over 90%.

27.334 m2

Net floor area

The Panattoni Park Cheb South – Real Digital hall in Cheb is an industrial building built to a high standard and in a modern way, paying attention to its environment and well-being of future employees. The hall was constructed on brownfield site with low ecological value.

New logistic complex provides job opportunities in the area and offers storage space rentals. The building has a simple rectangular architectural design, representing the purpose and the function of the building. The building is a multi-storey large-capacity storage hall with an in-built office and sanitary facilities. The hall has paved areas, parking places, and fencing around the area. New infrastructure was constructed as a part of the project.

Go Earthwise with Panattoni Strategy

Panattoni as a market leader has been increasingly stressing the application of environmentally friendly and prosocial solutions in its facilities. In accordance with the Go Earthwise sustainability concept adopted by the company, all of Panattoni’s new investment projects are mandatorily BREEAM Very Good rating certified and characterized by, among other things, reduced CO2 emissions (thanks to, e.g. enhanced insulation of walls and roofs), concern for the environment and workforces well-being.


  • First Outstanding BREEAM International 2016 New Construction achieved in the Czech Republic.
  • The final best score in the world achieved in BREEAM International 2016 New Construction: Commercial, Industrial scheme.
  • The daily consumption of drinking water has been reduced by amazing 83,88 % referred to the baseline thanks to
  • installed rainwater flushing system.
  • Primary energy consumption has been reduced by 55,61% referred to the baseline.
  • CO2 emission rate of the building has been reduced by 57,88% referred to the baseline.
  • About 12% of installed materials have ISO 14001, BES or FSC certificate.
  • Over 90% of waste was diverted from landfill during construction.

“The fact that the Panattoni Park Cheb South project has achieved an Outstanding BREEAM rating is testament to the leadership and vision of the client and the hard work and dedication from the assessor and wider project team. It takes the delivery of a truly sustainable vision to achieve an Outstanding rating not just by focussing on a specific set of sustainability issues but by looking at everything in parallel. The whole team can be righteously proud of this achievement that will not only serve as a beacon of the possible for other projects in the Czech Republic but for others around the world,” said Shamir Ghurma, Director of BREEAM, which conducts sustainable development certification worldwide.

„Although it was a challenge to target the Outstanding level, this project was unique from the very beginning. There are sustainability solutions incorporated in the project, such as rainwater flushing system, safe access for pedestrians and cyclists, outdoor resting space, biodiverse greenery of local species, reuse of materials from demolition and many others. These features coupled with the great cooperation of all stakeholder together with our team have led to the highest score of the BREEAM certification for the new constructed building in the Czech Republic," says Malgorzata Sochacka from Arcadis, who has led the BREEAM certification process.


Arcadis Services

  • Complete consulting and certification services BREEAM International 2016 for industrial development
  • BREEAM International Assessor role,
  • BREEAM International AP role,
  • Daylighting study,
  • Energy simulation,
  • Thermal comfort,
  • Passive design analysis,
  • Life Cycle Assessment study,
  • Suitable qualified ecologist,
  • Qualified consultant for water treatment engineering


27.334 m2

Net floor area

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