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Metropoint Apartments

Warsaw, Poland - Metropoint Apartments housing estate developed by Asbud at Karolkowa street in Warsaw has been awarded by Very Good BREEAM final certificate in May 2019, as the first residential project in Poland. Green team led by Lenka Matejickova has fulfilled the BREEAM Assessor and BREEAM AP role.

The project has a great location to support alternative means of transport, including public transport, bicycles and pedestrians. The apartments poses enough of private space and its layout design has the standard of Lifetime Homes criteria. The greenery have indigenous character to thrive in local conditions. The sustainable approach is also supported by minimizing pollution of watercourse, NOx emissions and by considerate construction practises. 

Both buildings (Metropoint North and South) use efficient LED lighting and high standard materials in common areas, generous space in the garages for all users including the visually distinct signing and information system. Each building has its own reception area and security system. Due to the use of high quality materials and construction technology, the project is adaptable to climate change. The material solution and also implemented protective measures assure high resistance and durability. The project supports recycling and bio waste composting and enhances the biodiversity and city ecosystem by locating bird houses in the building atrium, which is available for all future occupants. The ecological value of the site was also enhanced by the site redevelopment with planted greenery compared to the site condition before construction (concrete parking lot). Such project site selection represents new development in Warsaw with the focus on sustainability and future picture of the city.

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