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City West B1

Prague, Czech Republic - City West is one of the most popular office parks in the city of Prague. Renowned multinational companies decided to have their headquarters at City West attracted by the modern design of office buildings perfectly blended with green parks and plenty of services to ensure relaxation and a pleasant working environment for their employees.

The City West is implemented as a mixed-use complex, where the administrative part freely links the residential development and the family houses. The office space is made up of more than 7,800 employees and a further 3,500 inhabitants live in a residential area. This combination offers a great place to develop local services, right on the grounds people have a Japanese garden, a large park with a recently opened playground and an outdoor gym located on an area of 1000 m2, of course there are innumerable nooks in the residential part of the complex.

Technical Dur Diligence (TDD) of the B1 Building, including acquisition support throughout the transaction, has been carried out for the client Patria Investment Company, a.s.. The TDD project consisted mainly in examining the current technical condition of the building, including an estimate of the costs of removing the identified defects and an investment plan to maintain the existing technical state of the complex. Specific TDD assignments included a local survey focused on complex assessments from various aspects, such as architectural, constructural, static, MEP, fire safety and and external façade checking. All of these were reported including a photo documentation.

This is being provided by creating a summary and analyses of the most important issued permits including identification of possible neglects or related risks.

All identified defects have been assessed by experienced experts and the expert pricing estimate of the investment costs necessary to remove them has been prepared. Engineers involved in TDD projects are longtime employees of our company with extensive experience on projects of this type. Their day-to-day involvement in similar projects, coupled with the deep knowledge of valid legislation and technical standards, provides our clients with a perfect overview of the risks within their investment plan.

The TDD also included construction-legal assessment of the building, ie verification of compliance with applicable legislation and all issued permits. The review summarizes and analyzes the most important permits issued, including identification of potential negligence and associated risks.

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