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For asset-intensive organizations, effectively operating and maintaining assets is becoming more important than ever before.

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Unlocking hidden value

The operate and maintain phase is often the costliest part of total lifecycle expenditure on for example: rail, road, civil and hydraulic structures, water supply, waste water treatment plants, sewers and buildings. Furthermore, external pressures are driving the need for a greater balance of asset costs, risks and performance. While society demands higher service levels and more sustainable solutions, laws and regulations are becoming more stringent and now require a high level of operational and financial transparency. In addition, climate change and security threats require assets to be increasingly resilient. All of these factors pose a key question for asset owners: How can we find an optimized balance between costs, risks and performance?

For many asset owners, the answer lies in integrated and readily implementable solutions. Identifying those solutions requires trusted and knowledgeable partners who can blend strategic skills with a deep technical understanding of assets and data analytics. This combination of skills helps to ensure asset management plays a vital role in operational environments.

Operate and maintain solutions

Time and again, we’ve seen that using an asset management approach in optimizing the operational phase helps organizations exceed expectations and deliver results. Applying the principles of the international standard on Asset Management, ISO 55000, supports organizations in optimizing and continuously improving their Asset Management Quality Management system, creating tangible value. In parallel to offering services that improve performance across the operation and maintenance of existing assets, we take the insights and knowledge gained from our work in operating and maintaining assets and integrate them into the planning, design, engineering and construction of new assets. The application of this expertise, as well as the utilization of accurate and reliable data gathered during the operational phase, supports innovation and insights into the creation of new assets.

Profoundly improve performance over time

The operational phase of an asset makes up the longest period of its lifespan by far. As a result, improving the operation and maintenance of an existing asset has the potential to benefit an organization in the short term and profoundly improve its performance over time. Understanding an asset's performance and leveraging data is crucial in realizing these benefits. Improving operations and maintenance requires the alignment of all activities needed to operate and maintain an asset, like securing the organization objectives of quality of service, reliability, availability, maintainability, safety, sustainability and compliance.

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Don Hardy

Global Leader - Asset Management + 31 (0)88 4261 261 Ask me a question
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