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The term Other "Green" services means a set of activities which are provided by EC Harris company to support on-going certification activities, or independently as a complement to the services offered, in order to improve the relationship between the environment and buildings, both existing and newly designed.

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Consulting on low energy / passive house architecture

  • Is usually included in the scope of the project and cost management during the design works.

Dynamic energy building analyses and modelling

  • Including all energy consumption and all factors and inputs with influence on energy consumption of the building. The output from this model then serves not only the needs of LEED certification, where it is mandatory, but provides the owner or prospective tenants’ realistic picture of the operational costs even for individual tenant premises.

Optimizing energy performance of the buildings and MaE services

  • Can be carried out at the design stage of the building, as well as for existing buildings when there is the requirement for improving their operation. If the optimization is carried out during the design development, it is possible to predict the operating costs of future operational areas, which is very interesting for the building owner and future tenants too. For existing buildings we can use a thorough energy audit and simulation methods that significantly reduce future operating costs compared to a building that would not undergo this optimization.

Life cycle cost analysis

  • Is performed in order to inform the investor and the design team in the concept design stage of the alternatives of building´s elements, which will lead to an operational reduction during the whole life-cycle of the building and increase its value.

Overseeing of Testing and commissioning of MaE services

  • Is carried out according to the conditions of certification systems LEED and BREEAM to ensure proper building operation and to control the compliance with designed parameters. This service covers also the development of related documents needed to meet certification requirements.

Thermo-graphic inspection of buildings fabrics

  • Carried out with the using of a recorded thermo-graphic camera allows the conditions analysis of the building especially with regard to the existence of thermal bridges in structures, continuity of insulation or no air leakage paths through the building envelope.

Development of BREEAM LE Ecological studies “Land use and ecology”

  • Focusing on biodiversity increasing for both plant and animal species. For the proposal of increasing biodiversity we use the local natural conditions. Greenery design is drawn up so that useful animals are attracted to its use (e.g. butterflies, pollinators, birds). Furthermore, the proposal is complemented by purposefully created shelters and nesting houses for all kinds of useful animals (birdhouses, insect houses, bat houses). The LE study provides also Landscape and habitat management plan.

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Ing. Lenka Matějíčková

Head of Sustainability Ask me a question