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Strategic Procurement and Contract Advice

When it comes to construction, getting the right foundations in place is vital if you are to avoid complications and delays further down the line.

Ing. Zdeněk Trejbal

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Each year, a huge number of disputes come about due to parties failing to properly understand and administer their contractual obligations. Disputes that could easily been avoided in the first place can result in sizeable delays potentially costing millions. The focus is on making sure that the pre-contract strategy is properly reviewed and specific dispute insights deployed.

Our procurement and contract experts, based across the world, work with our clients and associated parties to assess their risk exposure and create mechanisms to avoid future disputes or blind spots. 

Associated services: 
• Procurement options and contractual strategy
• Contract review, recommendations and negotiation
• Contract risk analysis
• Due diligence on procurement and contract structure
• Contract procedures and training

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Ing. Zdeněk Trejbal

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