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Global Construction Market to Reach $15 trillion by 2025

Global Construction Market Report

Tim Neal

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“Undoubtedly, construction will become even more global and even more competitive.”

The future of global construction is bright. The market across the world  is expected to  grow by around 70 percent between now and 2025 which can only be a good thing for the global economy. 

“The construction industry is promising to deliver more challenging projects in more innovative ways in more diverse locations.”

As well as rapid growth in the US, China and India, sustained opportunities continue to emerge from rapidly growing Asian Economies including Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines.  These markets will create huge opportunities for the financing of new assets as well as their construction.

The benchmark global study, sponsored by Arcadis, is the third in a series from Global Construction Perspectives and Oxford Economics.  It shows the meteoric growth, which outpaces that of global GDP, will be concentrated in three countries - China, the US and India.

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Tim Neal

CEO, CallisonRTKL Ask me a question
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