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Project and construction site organisation in pandemic situations

Arcadis helps to develop short-term solutions for individual projects or construction sites. This is done in close coordination with the client and the responsible SiGeKo or HSE officer. The analysis of the actual project or construction site structure at the time of the survey is decisive at the start. A look at the task descriptions, interface definitions and decision paths, as well as key persons and conditions for the personnel on site, form the basis for the risk assessment. The actual communication and decision paths, authority and monitoring activities must be recorded.
Short term solutions for individual projects or construction sites

On the basis of the inventory analysis, new processes and personnel deployment plans can then be designed which:

  • meet the requirements of the project
  • require a minimum presence on site
  • avoid direct contact with people
  • Provide redundancies for key personnel. 

The following challenges must also be taken into account with regard to the corona pandemic:

  • Analysis of existing procedures regarding the obligation to report suspected corona or illness
  • Adaptation of risk assessments and operating instructions to the new hygiene requirements
  • Communication with the competent supervisory authorities.

The resulting reorganisation must be introduced quickly and efficiently. The reorganisation also includes the evaluation of digital communication channels, especially as a substitute for team meetings.

We would be happy to advise you on individual solutions for your project and site organization in a personal meeting.

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