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  • January 10, 2020
  • Hong Kong

Tomas Buchal about his Quest Experience

Hong Kong - My name is Tomas Buchal and I am a Project Manager and a Client Development Manager focusing on industrial construction by Arcadis Czech Republic. I had been fortunate to take part in Lovinklaan’s exchange program. Even though I am already back in Prague, the knowledge sharing through set up personal connections continues. My journey to Hong Kong was enriching on many levels and I would like to share a few lines with you in this blog.

Why did I apply for a Quest?

High-rise construction and use of BIM on projects were two major drivers behind my application for Quest in Hong Kong. I strive to broaden my knowledge regarding the delivery of multilevel warehousing with automated storage systems as its use will inevitably increase in Europe. Hong Kong’s construction industry has a long track of such developments due to its geographical conditions. BIM is currently the major trend in Czech construction industry, and it is creating new opportunities even with its still limited application. I gained theoretical knowledge of BIM I am keen to further learn from real-life project experience like the one in Hong Kong. However, the opportunity for networking during the Quest may be of the highest value as personal connections allow to kick start a long-term exchange of knowledge and best practices.

What were the highlights?

I was able to visit 3 construction sites during my stay when every project was different in type and different stages of delivery, thus, I could experience the Hong Kong construction culture. Especially valuable was the discussion with respective project managers regarding the challenges faced and strategies implemented. It was interesting to find out about many similarities in Czech Republic and Hong Kong construction practices, on the other hand, I learned of peculiarities for robust logistics and health & safety strategies. I was also able to explore the real-life use of BIM. The case study review of automated design using Revit’s Dynamo plug-in was eye-opening for me regarding BIM’s potential. To see BIM360 enabled document management in use on running project reassured me of its CDE’s effectiveness and security for projects. But the real benefit for me lied in talking to experienced BIM Coordinator and Information Manager about their general lessons learned during BIM transition phase that is currently awaiting Czech Republic.

How to create and maintain the ripple effect momentum?

If you consider joining the program as I did, you should upfront define what exactly you want to get out of the participation. It is also important to think of what you can bring in the others you meet on the way and to remain open-minded. With such setup, you will experience something that you will never forget. But it does not end there as one should maintain the personal connections made even after the return. Those make Arcadis truly global enabling effective collaboration which in turn brings value to our clients.

I would sum up my experience by quoting my colleague who participated in Quest and inspired me into applying: ”All in all, the Quest program is a great opportunity to explore all that Arcadis has to offer either to the clients or to its employees. Moreover, it is great fun!


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