• Press Release
  • March 14, 2019
  • Corsendonk, Belgium

Expedition DNA 3 experience lookback

Corsendonk, Belgium - As the name of this program implies, the expedition is a great challenge to step forward to take the leading role inevitable transition that is meeting our traditional design and engineering industry. Following recent developments in other industries and striving for ever increasing efficiency, we foresee the digitization as natural progress in the way we do our business. It may be difficult to continuously be expanding digital skills, following latest trends, and simply being up to date. However, this is the best way how to approach this revolution and turn it into evolution in providing our professional services. The DNA program was crafted to bring Arcadians up to speed and to make that happen.

,,We had a chance to get hands-on experience with Arcadis' inhouse digital capabilities (we had not even had awareness about some of these great things we can and already do). Throughout these intense as well as interesting five days of training we also managed to have some fun and to network (both strongly boosted by local brewery).

The disruptive potential of digital in design and consultancy for natural and built assets is bigger than ever nowadays. Arcadis already drives many innovative projects where parametric design, advanced analytics, virtual reality, augmented reality etc are being used. Even though digitally savvy start-ups are emerging all around us, Arcadis has a strong experience and capability base to take over the frontrunner role. So, let's make it happen together though our professionality, experience, and commitment.

Successful completion of this challenging but rewarding DNA program made everyone local Digital Ambassadors (next to our normal duties). Me and Milan both take pride in this role and plan upon series of initiatives so if you want to find out more, please do no hesitate to reach out (you can easily find our tables as they are marked with DNA flag).´´

Expedition DNA #4 application deadline is coming so whoever still has not yet done the DNA Basecamp, do not stay behind and better start now.

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