• Press Release
  • October 29, 2018
  • Boston, United States

Global Shapers Generation 2018

Boston, United States - It is quite hard to avoid talking about Global Shapers in superlatives. This wonderful learning-through-working program provides a lifelong experience, giving a great opportunity for creating international connections, expanding knowledge on many levels, and sharing it. Did Global Shapers 2018 meet my expectations? Frankly speaking, it even exceeded them!

Global Shapers Generation 2018, Boston

Arcadis is a global company and with a need of globally-oriented employees

Collaboration is one of our company core values. We were encouraged to realise the power of collaboration among almost 100 peers from all over the world, from different cultures and various backgrounds. Our recognition that diverse opinions and ideas lead to better outcomes ultimately helped us to tackle down our challenging workflows within a quite tight schedule.

Moreover, there was certainly tons of work, yet a need of the work and fun balance was greatly emphasized. We enjoyed doing sports and loads of socialising including a marvellous boat trip too.

My personal development journey has broadened my views

If you identify yourself as a young professional, you might find hard to decide what are your strong bits to promote and weak ones to mitigate. From the very beginning of the program, I got loads of feedback about my personality, which really helped me to bring my personal leadership to the next level. I believe every Global Shaper, present or future, can benefit from this on both a professional and personal level to a great extent.

What happened in Boston won’t stay in Boston

I did not only meet my colleagues, but also found new friends. We make sure the challenge is taken back home, creating a ripple effect. Even this article is a part of it. We will spread the ideas we have worked on among our colleagues and clients, fulfilling the goal of Global Shapers – to boost and capture the power of a new generation of Arcadians.

If you feel an urge of a unique experience which can possibly boost your early career, Global Shapers are a sure shot.


Matous Urbanek

Project Manager

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