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The creation of high quality environments that deliver social, environmental and economic value to end users is driving higher returns for investors. Complex, technical and supply chain challenges increase risk and create uncertainty. We help developers by combining knowledge from around the world with local market insights and a proven ability to deliver to planned outcomes.

Maximizing shareholder value and improving investment and development returns

Global trends such as urbanization, the rise of e-commerce and a new way of working are all having their impact on the commercial real estate landscape. In this evolving market, investors and developers need to stay competitive by thinking about how they can make the most of these trends to their benefit. In doing so, they need to continue to increase the returns on their investments and developments.

Local market knowledge is vital to understanding which developments are most viable. Whether it is creating residential units to respond to the need for housing, building hotels to support a tourism boom, or transforming offices in the light of a changing business environment, the success of any investment will always depend on the dynamics of the local market.

Commercial developers need partners that can help them reduce the risk of their investments. This can go from forecasting market demand, to acquiring land at the best price, optimizing the construction process, and minimizing the operational cost of the asset.

We have a track record of helping our clients create high value developments, through our design, program management and cost optimization solutions. These cover the full lifecycle of a development from site identification, planning, design and execution, through to controlled exit strategies.

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