Technical Due Diligence Plus and its benefits

In this blog, I would like to immerse the details of the refurbishment works implemented on the underground garage floors of the Central Bratislava shopping center.

This project is a prime example of the services provided within the scope of a standard TDD for acquisition purposes followed by further works (TDD Plus) carried out to the needs and requirements of our client. 

TDD Plus lead to the improvement of the technical and structural condition of the building, reducing client’s future operating expenses of general repairs and maintenance, as well as to the extending the life cycle of building parts and, from our experience, giving the possibility of long term collaboration with the client and interesting job opportunities.

In 2015, Arcadis elaborated an acquisition TDD for the shopping center in question, in which the client was informed about the large extent of cracks on the underground garage slabs and the saltwater leaking through, particularly in the winter period. A local inspection has shown prior remedy works initiated by the former owner however, these attempts have not met the intended results.

After a lengthy discussion with the new owner, a decision to undertake a complete refurbishment of the undesirable conditions was made, starting from the beginning of 2019. Shortly after, Arcadis has opened a tender with the goal to present the client with the best possible technical solutions of the extensive repairs with regard to the extent of the cracks and their size. In many cases, the cracks have exceeded the maximum designed width of 0.3 mm.

Also, in this case, it was applicable that the price is not always the decisive factor in the selection of a suitable contractor. The most essential requirements consisted of the best technical solution, warranty conditions, and the acceptance of the complicated time schedule and complex phasing of the planned works while maintaining the ongoing traffic in the garage premises not only for the shopping center but also for the hotel and administration that are using the 4th basement level for parking purposes. 4th underground level has not been part of the remedy plan as the floor is in connection with the foundations and is the real estate of another owner.

The chosen contractor COMING PLUS, a. s., has come up with a remediation proposal of the cracks on the 2nd and 3rd underground levels by applying a new screed layer and essentially fulfilling the requirement on the esthetics of the final product. For the purposes of this refurbishment, a polyurethane floor screed COMFLOOR PM EP K was designed and implemented with enhanced “floating” elastic membrane, acting as the main active layer in bridging of the dynamic cracks to the necessary width and further fulfilling requirements on resilience and sealing.

Remedy works began in October 2019 and by the end of the year, almost 10.000 m2 of flooring was rectified. The refurbishment process was on pause upon the Christmas holidays due to commercial reasons for the shopping center. In February 2020, the procedure was resumed, and the project was fully completed by June 2020.

An interesting part of the procedure to mention is also the time scheduling of the project. The whole floor area of the 2nd and 3rd underground garage (nearly 30.000 m2) was split into 10 individual phases. The reason for this was to ensure uninterrupted traffic on the premises of the parking lot for both the shopping center and the hotel, as well as for the staff of the office building. For this reason, the reconstruction of the floors at transport hubs, both external and internal, mostly one-way ramps, seemed to be very challenged and complicated.

Undoubtedly and with hindsight, it can be said that that the Corona pandemic has helped to ease the complications connected to these critical areas as the whole complex was closed down and the traffic at the parking spaces has significantly reduced at the time of the repairs. Of course, this crisis had also negative impacts on the project in terms of the capacity of the skilled manpower, material delivery, and overall logistics, which was much more complicated. However, in comparison to possible traffic collapses during the standard operation of the building, these issues can be considered minor. 

In conclusion, the chosen contractor (in collaboration with project management responsibility for the entire project and excellent cooperation with the facility management) has remarkably coped with all the arising problems & complex logistics and managed to complete all works within the arranged final deadline and in the expected quality.

Over the course of June, the remedied floors were officially handed over to our client, whom we wish the floor structure to fully serve its purpose without any defects or shortcomings.

Lastly, on behalf of Arcadis, I would like to thank all the involved parties for an excellent form of cooperation in this challenging process.


Project details

Name of the building: Shopping centre Centrál Bratislava – remediation of existing flooring on the 2nd and 3rd underground garage level

Building location:  Shopping centre Centrál, Metodova 6, 821 08 Bratislava – Ružinov, Slovakia

Client: Central Shopping Center, a.s.

Contractor: COMING Plus, a.s., Ing. Martin Kuchynka

Tender: Arcadis Czech Republic s.r.o., Ing. David Urban, Ing. Adam Záslav

Project and Technical Management: Arcadis Czech Republic s.r.o., Ing. David Urban, Ing. Adam Záslav

Date of construction: 7.10.2019

Date of completion: 10. 6. 2020


Technical details of the building

Total floor area for remedy works: 28 692 m2

Flooring system:  permanently elastic sealing polyurethane, crack-bridging screed flooring COMFLOOR with enhanced “floating” membrane and elastic top layer with quartz filler and finely coarse surface finish

Total minimal thickness of the new flooring layer: 4,00 ÷ 5,00 mm

Total material consumption approx.: 210 t

David Urban

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