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Ever-evolving water and wastewater compliance standards can make it difficult for businesses to thrive in the competitive marketplace. Arcadis understands these challenges, having developed many of the guidelines used today by Canada’s federal regulatory agencies.

Yousry Hamdy

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Offering insight into water and wastewater compliance

Arcadis helps our clients navigate the regulatory landscape so that they can make the most of project opportunities in this niche market. Our lifecycle expertise begins during the planning and design stages with insight into all aspects of water and wastewater compliance. We operate and maintain more than 50 small water and wastewater systems in Canada.

“We developed many of the guidelines used by federal regulatory agencies.”

We help our clients improve the performance of existing facilities while meeting strict regulations. Our five-year partnership with Suncor Energy Products has resulted in compliance greater than 99%. Our technical know-how has provided successful state-of-the-art solutions across Canada, like a drinking water program for the Manitoba Stewardship and small water system inspection training for the Ministry of Health.

Whether it’s helping our clients conserve energy, or minimize their impact to the environment, Arcadis can address their demands with advanced treatment technologies that meet today’s guidelines and their future needs.

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Yousry Hamdy

Canada Manager of Water and Wastewater 905 764 9380 Ask me a question
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