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The long-term success of every organization is directly linked to the environment, surrounding community, and the health and safety of the people in its facilities. At Arcadis, we are dedicated to working with Canadian organizations to deliver environmental, health and safety services that protect their people, maximize operations, and minimize possible negative project effects.

Rein Andre

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Delivering health and safety programs to protect people and their environments

Businesses and organizations are nothing without their employees and teams. Therefore, it is necessary not only to ensure that business runs smoothly, but also that people and their environment are safe and protected along the way.

Arcadis can provide the complete range of environmental and health and safety compliance services including auditing, permitting, and due diligence. Our local teams use their global experience to evaluate past, present, and future operations to develop practical approaches for clients.

Our programs optimize industrial processes while simultaneously minimizing long-term compliance costs and avoiding non-compliance. Most importantly, however, our environmental health and safety strategies ensure a working environment that is safe, clean, and productive for all people of the organization.

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Rein Andre

Hazardous Materials Group Manager Ask me a question
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