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Financial Institutions and Investors

Deep sector knowledge means that we understand what drives economic return for any given built asset. Our investment, finance, design and delivery experience enables us to determine how those returns can be structured to match, and often exceed, capital and debt funder requirements.

Matthew Cutts

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Drive better performance, improve sustainable returns

For all our clients, we aim to bring certainty to their investment and debt returns, whether for real estate, infrastructure or internal capital projects. We take a commercial approach, combining a detailed knowledge of their assets with a thorough understanding of their needs. We advise on performance throughout the entire asset lifecycle for all geographies. Pension funds and insurers mainly require greater certainty.

Some clients, such as private equity and infrastructure funds, require us to provide innovative strategies to improve asset performance and efficiencies. Performance driven design and business advice focused on improving operational revenues and efficiencies are the keys to achieving this goal.

We support your changing strategic needs

Other global retail banks and institutions trust us to deliver their global asset capital expenditure and environmental governance programs to support their changing strategic needs. Such clients choose us because they know us to be a world-class partner able to consistently deliver results.

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Matthew Cutts

Global Sector Leader - Financial Institutions Ask me a question
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