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Dumrong Ongkasuwan

Risk Assessment Manager

Dumrong Ongkasuwan, Risk Assessment Manager, is a civil engineer from a small town in Chiang Rai, Thailand. He has contributed to one of the largest capital programs in the US with a revenue exceeding $26 billion. Dumrong has extensive experience with training Arcadis staff in the use of various project control systems he developed himself, enabling teams to manage complex projects.

In addition, Dumrong received Engineering News-Record’s (ENR) esteemed “Top 20 Under 40” award which annually names remarkable young professionals in all facets of design and construction.

“I have the chance that I can try something new. I can try the new software. I can integrate the software. I can build something that I think can help the project team. So the opportunity that Arcadis always gives me helps me a lot and allows me to get to another level.”

"I have the chance that I can try something new."

Why Arcadis? Do the work

“If you are going to do the work by then you do it like tomorrow is your final exam, especially for the people that just graduated from college you know, like the first three days before the final exam that’s when you study hard.

I use that analogy to tell the people that if you use that every day at work that you can be like a great success in short period of time.”

Dumrong Ongkasuwan