Many avenues. One destination.

Our people are more than their jobs. They are deeply committed individuals and professionals who give their all to their clients, their communities and their families every day. We support this. At Arcadis, the opportunities to grow, learn, explore and contribute are endless.

Holly Bauman on integrity in our leaders - Roadway Engineer
“Senior management really supports each person as an individual.”

Holly enjoys the autonomy she feels in her role as a roadway engineer at Arcadis: “The senior management seem to really care about giving their teams a chance to run projects themselves. I am constantly impressed by how they support each person as an individual.”

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Jennifer Buckels-Mayers on flexibility - Associate Vice President
“Arcadis really supports a work-life balance.”

Jennifer Buckels-Mayers, Associate Vice President, has worked out of multiple Arcadis offices, spending two years in Alaska and several months in Mississippi following Hurricane Katrina. She is currently based in Baltimore where she manages four active United States Army Corps of Engineers contracts, including environmental and water service lines, valued at more than $230 million.

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Roy Cooper on amazing experiences - Operations Manager
“I’ve seen things most people don’t get to see.”

As leader of Arcadis’ Contract Solutions team in the Eastern US, Roy has developed long-lasting relationships with colleagues and clients: “I look back at some of my accomplishments over the last 18 years and can take pride in the things I’ve been a part of. I know none of my personal success could have been possible without the people around me.”

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Ben Kuhnel on great projects - Certified Project Manager
“Opportunity to work with great people and projects.”

Ben Kuhnel, Certified Project Manager, is a top Arcadis design expert for the ozonation of water and is also the top design expert for UV disinfection of drinking water. His dedication to improving public life does not end with his work, he is also very active in his community. Kuhnel recently helped build a playground and garden for a school in a low-income neighborhood.

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Dumrong Ongkasuwan
Dumrong Ongkasuwan on doing the work - Risk Assessment Manager
“I have the chance that I can try something new.”

Dumrong Ongkasuwan, Risk Assessment Manager, is a civil engineer from a small town in Chiang Rai, Thailand. He has contributed to one of the largest capital programs in the US with a revenue exceeding $26 billion. Dumrong has extensive experience with training Arcadis staff in the use of various project control systems he developed himself, enabling teams to manage complex projects.

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Rhiannon Parmelee on best team approach - Senior Environmental Engineer
“Expand your horizons, expand your networks.”

Rhiannon Parmelee, Senior Environmental Engineer, is based in Highlands Ranch, Colo. Clients have specifically requested that she lead on-site efforts for some of their most critical, highly visible and sensitive projects. Rhiannon demonstrates an unrelenting commitment to excellence in technical and schedule performance.

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Prasoon Sinha on professional development - Vice President
“I love what I do beyond anything.”

Prasoon Sinha, Vice President, is a well-published expert in field traffic engineering and intelligent transportation systems. His systematic approach to pursuing and positioning for pursuits has landed him the nickname “Prasoon the Pursuer” by company leaders and colleagues. Sinha manages a large engineering team and is pivotal in Arcadis’ technology, knowledge and innovation efforts.

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