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Highways and Intelligent Transport Systems

For centuries our roads have provided the means to move people and goods and have been key elements in the development of the towns and cities in which we live. This is still the case today. However, with rapid urbanization and population growth, today’s networks need to keep evolving, embracing modern technology, to meet demand.

Phil Kajewski

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Delivering value throughout the lifecycle of the highways asset.

A rapidly increasing global population and the subsequent rising levels of urbanization is putting pressure on the world’s infrastructure like never before. Challenged government budgets mean that innovative solutions are needed to get the best from existing infrastructure assets. Emerging markets must build new infrastructure in order to compete. There is an increasing urgency for sustainable solutions. These challenges require transformational thinking.

Arcadis responds to these challenges by working in partnership with the public and private sectors to deliver the intelligent road systems that will connect communities now and into the future. With a global presence, deep sector knowledge and demonstrable experience we are best placed to plan, design, build and manage even the most demanding road infrastructures. 

We have a deep understanding of issues facing our road clients, enabling us to bring fresh perspectives and innovation to their complex problems by combining strategic advice with our multi-disciplinary technical knowledge. In Australia we  have been providing contemporary advice on large and complex transport infrastructure for over 70 years, from concept design and pre-feasibility development through to detailed design and construction support. We develop a clear vision to help our clients plan, build, and optimize sustainable road networks that are reliable, safe, and have optimum mobility. 

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Phil Kajewski

Managing Director of Infrastructure Ask me a question
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