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Our people get involved in more than their jobs, more than their offices and more than their projects. For Arcadis employees, the opportunities to grow, learn and explore are endless.

Find out more about some of our diverse and passionate people.

Austen Shoebotham on his journey from Graduate to Associate Technical Director - Associate Technical Director
“Arcadis is unique in being able to build teams with long term experience, relationships and skills that keeps us at the forefront of the infrastructure boom,”

From the biggest like the $3B WestConnex M4 East project to rural motorways, a 3 km urban bus way upgrade for Sydney’s inner west or even improving mobility impaired pedestrian access to the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge, Austen says each one presents new challenges.

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Lisa Samways on diversity and inclusion - Client and Sales Director, Arcadis Australia Pacific
"I am fortunate enough to still be able to work part-time and progress my career into management. "

During her 11 years with Arcadis, Lisa has been able to balance family and work life, "I am fortunate enough to still be able to work part-time and progress my career into management as Arcadis has never seen my part-time position as being a limit or ceiling to my career".

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Mark Ransom on moving ahead at Arcadis - Independent Certifier Geotechnical Engineer
"I love working on tunnel projects and Arcadis has some of the best."

From an undergraduate doing his final year placement at Arcadis twelve years ago, Mark is now a Senior Project Engineer in Independent Assurances Services, but says he has had a chance to rotate through a broad range of professional and business experiences.

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Claire Hodgson on Sustainability at Arcadis - Environmental Consultant and Sustainability Lead
"The thought of 27,000 people using their combined strength to ‘Improve Quality of Life’ is powerful."

Claire is Australia Pacific's Sustainability Representative for the Arcadis Global Sustainability Team and is well positioned to make a difference in this space.

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From a Youthful Passion to Sydney's WestConnex M4 East - Associate Technical Director
“I’ve learned the importance of first analysing all information to identify the right questions to ask, and being a very good listener to understand all issues to provide the best solutions.”

As a child, Tara Dias was fascinated by architecture and Lego building blocks.

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Adam Mellino on global exposure - Principal Engineer, Civil
"Take opportunities when you can as they may not come around a second time."

By taking opportunities as they come, Adam has gained international experience in a diverse range of roles, "The experience that can be gained from taking up these international opportunities is huge, on both a professional and personal level."

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Selina Mok on people development - Principal Environmental Consultant and Professional Growth Network Chair
"Developing staff can help them identify different opportunities and reach new goals."

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Clinton Pattinson on dynamic teamwork - Design Manager
"A high level of teamwork can deliver exceptional outcomes under great pressure."

At Arcadis, Clinton has had worked in many dynamic teams "One of the first projects I worked on required a huge amount of teamwork - the architectural team actually changed location to be with our engineering design team, so we could hold regular review sessions. It meant the project was successfully delivered on time and under budget and client was thrilled with the outcome."

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Dion Damon on learning through challenges - Structural Engineer
"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works." Steve Jobs.

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Jill Murray
Jill Murray on how digital marketing is changing the landscape for communicating with clients - Head of Arcadis Australia Marketing & Communications Team
"I am very career focused, but there have been times where I needed to work part-time, and some work from home to balance family responsibilities. I have been able to achieve a better balance between work and home because Arcadis values flexibility."

Having built Arcadis Australia's content marketing approach from the ground up, Jill is pleased to lead a successful and professionalised marketing function that has embraced thought leadership and has a vibrant and active social media presence.

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Karin Wallin on Sustainability - Sustainability Engineer
"I am passionate about innovation, effectiveness, and efficiency. I embrace new trends and old that do more with less to improve our practices."

Karin was recently chosen to be part of the Property Council's '100 Women in Property' initiative.

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Karina Siems
Karina Siems on development diversity and her highlights so far as a Structural Engineer at Arcadis - Structural Engineer
“There are many things that I love about working at Arcadis; the challenging projects, the culture and flexible working, and the vast array of opportunities and development programs that make you feel like you can go anywhere."

Drawn to Arcadis by the opportunity to work on large scale high-profile projects, Karina has contributed to a broad range of projects at Arcadis, from the biggest transport project in Australia, to 48-storey tower developments and a new build hospital.

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Ketan Patel on Arcadis sustainable approach to projects - Senior Environmental Consultant
“Arcadis is a critical thought leader on sustainability, with the recently global Sustainable City Index providing a smart way to think about cities and engage with clients.”

Ketan Patel moved to Sydney from Britain a few years ago, saying Asia Pacific’s rapid growth and focus on sustainability helped him make the decision to move.

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Luke Keys on taking opportunities - Business Leader, Industry and Power
"Arcadis has provided multiple opportunities for me to develop and enhance different skill sets."

Luke recently stepped and took the opportunity as our Business Leader for Industry and Power.

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Zoe Wood on Women at Arcadis Champions Program - Senior Environmental Consultant
“The people I work with and the projects we work on are the highlights of working at Arcadis. The people are passionate and solutions focussed and the projects are interesting and varied.”

Having joined Arcadis in 2012 as a Senior Environmental Consultant, Zoe has worked on several diverse and interesting projects, and has been a part of a number of initiatives with the business, including as an active member of the Leadership Development Group from 2012-2017. Zoe is a Women@Arcadis Champion, and tells us a little more about why she loves working at Arcadis, and what a ‘day in the life’ might look like.

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Jarryd Greitschus on positive living - Pavement Engineer, Transport Team
"Arcadis inspires excellence in our projects, the community and our personal lives."

Arcadis have supported Jarryd's career and his dream of competing in archery at the Olympic Games, "Arcadis has enabled my Olympic dream and given me the flexibility to support and pursue my life's ambitions".

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Mitchell Bray on growth and development - Business Leader, Urban Development & Water
"Working on a diverse range of projects each day creates excitement, allowing both myself and the team to develop a broad range of skills."

Mitchell's enthusiasm and passion for his career has led him to the position of Arcadis Australia Pacific's National Business Leader for Urban Development and Water. "I have gained experience in large residential, commercial, industrial and educational projects."

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