Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I apply for a job?

    All current job vacancies can be viewed and applied for via our careers website

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  • What is the application process?

    The following steps outline how you can apply for a role within
    Arcadis Australia Pacific:

    1. Search for a suitable role(s) via our careers website
    2. Register with a username and password
    3. Upload your CV/ resume and cover letter (if required)
    4. Apply for an appropriate role(s)
    5. Receive a confirmation email shortly after we receive your application

    If your application is successful, a member of our recruitment team will contact you for further information about your skills and experience. If you meet the requirements for the position, you will be invited to attend a first round interview. From there, you may be asked to attend further interviews or complete certain recruitment or medical assessments. Should you be successful, reference checks will be completed and a formal offer of employment will follow.

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  • Can I apply for more than one job?

    Yes, you can. However, please be sure that your qualifications and experience match the position requirements listed in the job vacancy.

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  • How can I check the status of my application?

    You can check the status of your application via the careers website. All you need to do is use the log in details you registered with and view the status of the positions you have applied for.

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  • Will you contact my former employers for a reference?

    At the completion of the interview process, reference checks will be completed for the preferred candidate(s). 

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  • Do I need to have legal rights to work within Australia?

    Yes, you need to be an Australian citizen or hold a valid Australian visa with working rights in order to work at Arcadis in Australia. This ensures you are provided with basic rights and protection as an employee under Australian laws.

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  • Does Arcadis work with third party recruitment firms?

    Yes, we work with a very small group of third-party recruiters who have signed agreements with Arcadis.  If your resume is presented through one of Arcadis’ preferred third party partners, you will be asked to complete an authorisation form to ensure a thorough and compliant recruitment process.

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  • What are the different career paths available?

    Arcadians range from specialist engineers to scientists to business advisors to architects. While we work collaboratively across teams, we have the following five key entry points:

    • Infrastructure
    • Environment
    • Built Asset Consultancy
    • Buildings
    • Enabling Services (marketing, HR, legal, etc)

    Please download a copy of our brochure for more information.

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  • What skills and talent are we looking for?

    Arcadians have more than just the right qualifications and skills for their particular role. They show a commitment to Arcadis’ values, a passion to improve environments and communities, and are always outcomes and client focused. Arcadis is always looking for exceptional people in a range of fields across our areas of expertise.

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  • How does Arcadis support diversity and inclusion?

    As an equal opportunity employer, we value and promote diversity by creating an environment where each individual has equal opportunity to achieve his or her full potential, where human differences are valued, and where employees feel respected and empowered to have a voice in the decisions that affect them.

    Diversity and Inclusion at Arcadis
  • Are females given an equal opportunity within the company?

    Yes, we are committed to improving gender balance within the broader industry. Some of the initiatives we undertake include sponsoring selected females to assist their career development, hosting regular ‘Women in Business’ roundtables to discuss gender topics, and sponsoring and attending events to attract a greater number of females to work at Arcadis.

    Life at Arcadis
  • Does Arcadis offer flexible working?

    Yes, we do. Our Flex@Arcadis policy encourages all Arcadians to work in a way that best suits them and their role. 

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  • Will there be any opportunities to work interstate or internationally?

    Yes, there are opportunities if you want to explore them. Arcadis has offices, projects and clients around Australia and the globe. Our Quest program is one way we support Arcadians to work in other regions to share knowledge, build networks, gain insight into projects and experience other cultures.

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  • Does Arcadis have a graduate development program?

    Yes, we invest heavily in our graduates and have a comprehensive program. In line with our policies, we will sponsor you to study for relevant professional qualifications, assist in paying your tuition and membership fees, and allow you study leave. Through our blended learning programs, we ensure you are continually learning, growing and developing into one of our future leaders.

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  • What type of graduate roles are there and who do they suit?

    There are a wide range of graduate of roles at Arcadis, such as engineer, environmental scientist, project manager and management consultant. Each role can suit different strengths within each individual, so it is worth discussing with your local Arcadis recruiter what is available and what is best suited for you.

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  • What is the global shapers program?

    Each year, 100 young Arcadians from around the world are brought together to collaborate on some of the biggest issues facing the company where they have the opportunity to put ideas together to be considered and implemented globally. Launched in 2012, Global Shapers has been hosted in Paris, Hong Kong, Chicago, Rotterdam and Doha.

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  • What are the benefits that come with a job at Arcadis?
    We offer all staff a wide range of benefits. From our online reward and recognition portal, The Arcade, to our award-winning Positive Living Program, we work hard to recognise, support and retain the best people. Employee Benefits
  • How are employees rewarded and recognised?

    High performing employees are recognised through a combination of practices including monthly peer nominated awards, spot rewards and bonuses. We also celebrate and reward major service milestones of our long serving staff members. Aside from recognising our great people, we also recognise the great projects we work on. We hold our annual Project of the Year Awards that recognise the projects and teams who have achieved excellence.

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  • Does Arcadis encourage its employees to undertake professional development training and activities?

    Yes, we have three Leadership Action Groups in place to help guide our people into higher responsibilities. Employees at different stages of their careers are engaged through exposure to our regional executive board and given access to learning and development programs through our: 

    • Graduate Group: provides graduates with additional training and support
    • Leadership Development Group: helps young professionals develop their business skills
    • Professional Growth Network: develops the next generation of Arcadis’ leaders
    Take the Lead at Arcadis
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