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From source to tap and then back to nature, the planet’s most precious resource should be cherished. Our cities, communities and businesses all rely on water to flourish. It needs to be handled carefully in a way that both enables our way of life and minimizes the impact on the natural world.

John Batten

Global Cities Director +852 2911 2000 Ask me a question

Improving the quality of life with the planet's most precious resource

From rising tides and drought to polluted reservoirs and broken pipes, the challenges faced in managing and distributing the world’s water are vast. Without effective systems and quality infrastructure the consequences for our communities across the world would be unthinkable. 

Thanks to centuries of experience in the water sector, our specialist teams of engineers, scientists and consultants around the globe are uniquely positioned to provide safe and secure water technology. Everything we do is built to withstand the demands of a rapidly changing world.

Whatever issues our clients are facing, wherever they happen to be in the world, we have the specialist resources and insight to help. Whether it be protecting people and the environment, providing safe drinking water or managing wastewater safely and effectively, we have what it takes.

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John Batten

Global Cities Director +852 2911 2000 Ask me a question
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