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The world’s population is set to hit nearly ten billion by the middle of the century. Managing the demands of rapidly increasing urbanization, shrinking budgets and environmental sensitivity require an innovative approach when it comes to deliver mobility by advanced infrastructure.

Providing state-of-the-art transportation to meet the demands of tomorrow

Providing state-of-the-art passenger and freight rail, tram or metro, high capacity bus, stations or high speed rail solutions to meet this challenge is tough, and doing so in a way that safeguards the planet’s natural resources, perhaps even more so. We bring together expertise from a wide range of sectors and disciplines to provide our clients with a comprehensive strategy for durable and eco-friendly solutions.

Working in partnership with our clients, we deliver public transport systems, connecting communities now and in the future, safely, effectively and in harmony with the natural environment. 

Through our Transport Orientated Development Solutions, and Mobility Oriented Development, we ensure clients seeking to design, build and operate new transportation hubs can do so in a way that helps them maximize the return from their investment.  Creating the best solution for our clients and commuters worldwide.  

Find out more about our capabilities in urban transportation, rail, and stations by reading our latest brochures.

Rapidly increasing urbanization, shrinking budgets and environmental sensitivity require innovative approaches to deliver advanced infrastructure. With our expertise in rail, and our transformational thinking, clients rely on us to improve performance and connect communities across the globe.

In Asia, we have been involved in providing engineering design, cost management, contract administration, risk management, business advisory and mobility oriented design across numerous metro rail and high speed rail projects in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.

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