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Maritime transportation plays a vital role in the global economy. Growing freight volumes are driving the demand for larger infrastructure and increased operational efficiency. Vessels are getting bigger and ports need to invest in order to keep up with demand whilst meeting local environmental standards.

Teunis Louters

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Getting the very best out of the world’s ports and waterways

In the last decade, global shipping has experienced explosive growth. Increasing world trade, developing markets in Africa, Latin America and Asia and the relatively low cost of transportation have all contributed to this. Globalization has also led to increased competition among ports and a call for more efficient operations in the sectors.

We cover the complete project lifecycle from strategic studies, conceptual planning and design to operations and transactional services. Critical aspects such as reliability, improving efficiency, and safety are ingrained in our approach. We know how to preserve, manage and refurbish assets for optimal safety, minimal environmental impact and maximal lifecycle usage.

Our extensive international network ensures we combine a global presence with local know how. We have a long track record in the field of ports and waterways, and combine innovative solutions with our extensive experience to deliver an integrated approach to some of the world’s most complex infrastructure projects.

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Teunis Louters

Global Director Ports & Waterways +31 (0)6 2706 2408 Ask me a question
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