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The chemical and life science sector is facing mounting pressure to deliver attractive shareholder returns. The right investment decisions need to be made at the right time and knowing what to expect can be the difference between success and failure.

Matthias Boos

Sector Leader - Chemical & Pharmaceutical, Asia +86 21 6026 1300 Ask me a question
Chemie- und Pharmaindustrie

Providing much-needed certainty in challenging global markets

The chemical and life science industry faces a diverse range of challenges. Rapidly growing and steadily ageing populations have created rising demand for medication and developing new cures. To stay ahead of the competition, companies need to constantly improve their supply chain and secure their pipeline. All of which has to be done within widely varied legislative environments across the world. This is no easy task.

We bring together the very best expertise from around the world to give our clients the confidence and insight they need to navigate this as well as the challenges brought on by capital programs. We work with our clients to deliver strong returns and ensure a healthier tomorrow for the world’s communities while not damaging our planet.

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Manufacturing is 'on the move' to Asia, driven by demand. China, for example, ranked fairly low in top pharmaceutical markets one decade ago but can now be found among the Top 5, close to traditionally strong markets such as Germany and France. Approximately two third of total global demand growth for Chemicals is expected to be generated in Asia.

Although the business environment in Asia is utterly different from other regions, multi-nationals expect that the same high quality standards are carried through for their capital investments. And since businesses are under immense pressure from shareholders to deliver attractive returns year-on-year, many continue to look for new ways to reduce operational expenditure in order to boost the bottom line.

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Matthias Boos

Sector Leader - Chemical & Pharmaceutical, Asia +86 21 6026 1300 Ask me a question
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