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Financial Institutions

For financial institutions, knowing what to expect when it comes to investment returns is everything. Be it infrastructure, real estate or even internal capital projects, our experts' long-standing experience of investment, finance, design and delivery means that we can provide our clients with the certainty of outcome they require.

Financial institutions

Drive better performance, improve sustainable returns

From pension funds to banks and private equity to infrastructure funds, our people have been working with financial institutions on investment and asset performance strategies for many years. Across a wide range of asset classes, our long-standing knowledge of the built environment coupled with our very own commercial approach bring real certainty to our clients’ investment and debt returns.

Whatever the specific requirement, our people advise on how the return our clients generate can be structured to match, and often to exceed, capital and debt funder requirements.

Global retail banks trust us to deliver their capital expenditure and environmental governance programs to support their changing strategic needs as they know us to be a world-class partner able to consistently deliver. Whereas some clients, such as private equity and infrastructure funds, commission us to create strategies that improve the performance and efficiency of their assets.

Crucially, however, the global nature of our business means we provide our international clients with the right investment decisions in markets across the world.

Retail Banking
The modern day consumer is increasingly reliant on all things digital. Technological advancements, especially with online and mobile banking, have become priority and, along with the demand for service and convenience, retail banking is having to respond, and fast.

When it comes to attracting and retaining customers, convenience is also key in other areas. In order to succeed, banks to not only provide convenient locations but also create a seamless experience between the online services and branch network. Both of these goals can often be achieved by optimizing and rationalizing the existing branch portfolio and smart integration of new technologies.

Our experts have successfully supported retail banks to remodel their branch portfolios to meet the shifting demands of their customers. We have a track record of helping banks around the world lower their operating expenditure and integrate their digital offering with their branch network, improving customer experience and delivering true value.

We have a strong track record of helping clients across Asia to address different challenges in the market. With a combination of international expertise and local knowledge, we have the ability to identify the right solutions and maximise returns on our client's investments. With our wide coverage and strong establishment in the region, we bring the best business outcomes to our clients.

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