Improving quality of life in Sydney

Sydney Harbour Bridge

A Dynamic World City Down Under

Sydney may be world famous for its stunning harbor and beaches, but it is also redefining itself as a smart, green, livable city that’s open for business and ready for the future. As the country’s economic engine, it is already the address for most of the country’s top companies and emerging businesses. As Australia’s biggest city, Sydney is adding over 100,000 people a year—on track to be home to around 6 million people by 2031. 

With a number of iconic projects, such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Tunnel, Port Botany and Jackson's Landing, Arcadis is helping the city with its rapid urbanization that affects resilience, transportation and regeneration.

Sydney has embraced the challenge of becoming a dynamic world city capable of successfully competing for people, business, ideas and investment while still protecting its unique character and environment. The New South Wales Government unveiled A Plan for Growing Sydney pushing good urban design and planning to create “a sustainable and resilient city that protects the natural environment and has a balanced approach to the use of land and resources”. From our work with hospitals to bridges in the city, to rail lines and convention centers, Arcadis is keen to help grow Sydney.

Arcadis is pleased to partner with and help improve quality of life in Sydney.


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