Improving quality of life in Singapore

A Progressive & Sustainable City in a Garden

Only 50 years from achieving full independence, Singapore now stands as one of the world’s biggest financial centers, a global transportation hub and the location of choice for many multinational organizations looking to setup their regional headquarters in Asia. A large part of Singapore's success has been built upon having a masterplan that links city planning with business and social requirements. While Singapore has made incredible progress since 1965, it’s not resting on its laurels. There are a number of sustainability initiatives currently underway which will proactively help the city continue to evolve to meet challenges like urbanization and climate change.

For example, with the population predicted to grow to more than six million people by 2030, the government has committed significant investment over the next decade to improving mobility and connectivity within the city. This includes two new underground lines, extensions to four existing MRT lines, a new terminal and runway at Changi Airport where Arcadis is the lead surveyor, a high-speed rail link between Singapore and Malaysia and the relocation of the container port.

Singapore has also set an ambitious goal to make at least 80% of all buildings ‘green’ by 2030 as part of a concerted push to create a vibrant and high quality living environment, that is resilient and  supports the broader climate change agenda.

Arcadis is pleased to partner with and help improve quality of life in Singapore.

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