Improving quality of life in Shanghai & China East

Becoming the Century's "Great World City"

Shanghai is an enormous city that continues to grow at a rapid pace. By 2030 the population is expected to increase to more than 30 million people forcing the city to evolve to meet these new demands.  The on-going transformation of Shanghai is evident. Initiatives like the new Free Trade Zone in Pudong reflect a wider push to position Shanghai as an economic epicenter for Asia, on par with other global cities like London and New York City. By working on projects like hospital expansions and a science and technology museum, CallisonRTKL, a Design Consultancy of Arcadis, is helping improve life in Shanghai by designing sustainable museums, cultural centers, and modern medical facilities.

One of the biggest challenges facing Shanghai is improving the quality of the living environment. Directives within the current Five Year Plan place a focus on cleaning up old industrial zones within the city so that the land can be repurposed for alternative use. Similarly, efforts are underway to try and clean the three main rivers running through the city, to improve water quality, and increase resilience in the North against the risk of flooding.

Throughout the rest of this decade improvements in Shanghai’s built and natural environments will play a key role in helping to cement its place as this century’s “great world city”. There is a lot of opportunities and the speed of progress the city has made over the last decade demonstrates what Shanghai can achieve.

Arcadis is pleased to partner and help improve quality of life in Shanghai.

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