Improving quality of life in São Paulo

The City of Endless Opportunities

São Paulo is the most populous city in Latin America. It sits inland and has had rapid, mostly uncontrolled expansion.  São Paulo relies on a city Strategic Master Plan which focuses on goals such as developing housing and transportation corridors for its millions of inhabitants. With mass urbanization and aging infrastructure and assets, São Paulo continues to see opportunities for renewal. With 7.6 million vehicles and the busiest metro lines in the world, mobility is a key issue for local Paulistas. 

Water is an ever-present headline in São Paulo. Either there is insufficient drainage during the wet season resulting in flooding or not enough due to high demand, quality and illegal siphoning. Arcadis’ water expertise has dramatically impacted water supply and treatment in São Paulo helping to reduce water loss with improved systems as well as increase water reuse technology. 

Arcadis is pleased to partner with and help improve quality of life in São Paulo. 


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