Improving quality of life in Rotterdam

A Resilient Gateway to the World

Located in the western part of the Netherlands, Rotterdam is a mobile city that is relied on by many European and Dutch cities as a port for the exchange of goods, ideas, and travel.  

Home to one of the world’s biggest ports, Rotterdam has always been an epicenter to the shipping industry in the Netherlands, with many related industrial and transport activities.
The Arcadis-designed upgrade to the city’s Central Station serves as one of the largest transport hubs in the Netherlands. Opened in 2014, it is a landmark that represents the city’s commitment to sustainability and transportation. 

The city attaches great importance to sustainability. A clean, green and healthy city where sustainability contributes to a strong economy, is the ambition the Rotterdam Municipal Executive, who is working with the Rotterdam Sustainability Program. There is no wonder why the city has achieved a high ranking Arcadis' Sustainable Cities Index.

Rotterdam faces challenges similar to those of other cities such as housing demand, threats of climate change, scarcity of natural resources, and business competition. However, it also faces unique challenges and goals of design around green infrastructure and cultural development. Arcadis is helping Rotterdam meet these challenges by taking our global capabilities and combining them with our local knowledge of Rotterdam’s specific needs. 

Arcadis is pleased to partner with and improve quality of life in Rotterdam.
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