Improving quality of life in London


Making London the Greatest City on Earth

London is a city with a huge international profile as it is one of the most visited cities in the world. Its history, prestige, and economic health are major attraction factors. 

The Mayor of London has recognized this and launched his 2020 Vision to make London ‘The Greatest City on Earth’. The aim is to make London the best place to work, live, play, study, invest, and do business. With this strategic plan there are key areas of opportunities that Arcadis experts will influence from aging infrastructure and transportation, to housing and tall buildings, to water reuse and reducing emissions. All these projects in partnership with this city will assist in combating the major issue of urbanization in London.

London has already started seeing positive changes with their world-class infrastructure investments in numerous rail line and station renewals that Arcadis has partnered on that helps meet the city’s vision. In a number of boroughs across the city, Arcadis has seen the impact of new transport enabling regeneration causing for more jobs, housing and mobility in the city. 

Arcadis’ heritage in London is long standing having built the world-recognized Tower Bridge in 1886 that connects the city at its epicenter. London’s vibrancy and continual dedication to improvement will reap sustainable efforts that ensure their city's attraction and competitiveness for the future.  

Arcadis is pleased to partner and help improve quality of life in London.
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