Improving quality of life in Doha

Doha Qatar

A City Expediting the Future

Doha is one of the up-and-coming global cities that is expected to rise rapidly over the coming years. The Qatar National Vision 2030 outlines a comprehensive framework for the country’s path to a brighter future for its citizens, which rests on four pillars: environmental, human, social and economic development. This, along with the rapid development associated with hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Doha is experiencing huge expansion of its built environment.

The 2030 Vision updates and expands this commitment by Qatar embarking on a mission to cut its carbon dioxide emissions, improve energy efficiency, minimize water use in new, green buildings and invest in renewable energy solutions, environmental science and technology. 

Conscious of its own environmental position, Qatar has made sustainable development a priority. With water demand being a major issue due to increased urbanization, Arcadis was hired to construct mega-reservoir sites, some of the largest in the world, which will provide 15 million meters cubed of potable water storage. These reservoirs will provide seven days of strategic water storage that will enable Qataris access to the world’s most precious resource. 

Arcadis is pleased to partner and help improve quality of life in Doha.
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