Improving quality of life in Berlin

A Cultural and Artistic Trendsetter

As the capital of Germany, many leading German and international companies have located their headquarters or service centers in Berlin. The city’s creative appeal, culture, and private sector further enhances the city´s prestige and its reputation as a cultural and artistic trendsetter: a fact reflected in the city’s tourism statistics, pointing to Berlin as a top destination in Europe.

Berlin´s economy is based on high-tech industries and the services sector, which includes a wide range of creative industries, research facilities and media corporations. Berlin also promotes key fields of future technologies such as biotechnology, medical technology, communications and information technology, transportation engineering, and renewable energy. In consequence, when it comes to the planet sub-ranking, Berlin is one of the leading cities in Arcadis Sustainable Cities Index, 2015. The city scores high on waste management with particularly low levels of air pollution and has emerged as a hub for the research and development of electro mobility. Arcadis’ gas lamp conversion project is an example of how the city is taking older infrastructure and updating it to reflect its sustainability objectives. 

Arcadis is pleased to partner with and improve quality of life in Berlin. 


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