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Tina Hu

Personal Assistant

I have been with Legacy Langdon & Seah after graduated for 8 years. I support strategic Business Management team as Personal Assistant to Managing Director for Shanghai business. 

"Arcadis promotes work-life balance and Health & Safety."

What do you love working for Arcadis?

  • It is my pleasure to work with very nice colleagues over the years. We have worked very hard to establish outstanding company's reputation. 

How does Arcadis help your professional development?

  • With the integration of Arcadis, there will be more opportunities internationally.

How do you see Arcadis values coming to life?

  • Work-life balance and Health & Safety promoted by Arcadis is adding value into my life.

What are the 3 favourite projects you have worked on?

  • Arcadis Shanghai Office fit-out
  • Road Show
  • Supervisor Board Meeting 

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