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Mohamed Najib

Graduate Consultant

When I joined Arcadis in early 2014, I was stunned with the strong leadership team and professional work culture incorporated within the whole organization. The seamless integration of communication channels have made geographical barriers disappear. Though professional skills could be best learned through hands-on experience on projects, the Young Talent Program (YTP) has laid out an optimal foundation to develop my interpersonal skills as well as crucial day-to-day work tips.

After 2 years with Arcadis and successfully completing 3 modules of YTP, I can clearly see the positive changes both on my professional and personal skills, thanks to the interactive and engaging training modules used by the YTP facilitators as well as strong support from the senior leadership teams. Best of all, these skills have helped me to interact better with clients and also assisted in mentoring the junior recruits and interns. The time management workshop has helped to improve the workplace efficiency, both in terms of time consumed and cost.

As my line manager once told me, the only 2 skills you need to emerge successfully in the consultancy business are “Language Proficiency” and “Common Sense”. I believe Arcadis provides a strong environment for improving both of these skills, and the training programs offered are an added bonus for those who are ambitious to progress in your career.

Mohamed Najib

Analyst, Business Advisory (Joined in 2014, through the JV Partnership with RSM SBA)

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