• Our People

I joined Arcadis Singapore in 2014 after graduation from university and started my career as a graduate consultant. I was supported by my colleagues in Singapore office and had great on-job training in the projects I did. I was also in the Young Talent Program where I was taught various skills and knowledge needed for my career. The Young Talent Program allows me to know all the great young people in the region and we’ve been having great collaboration in both working and personal environment.

I was selected to join the Global Shapers 2015 program where I met with 99 great colleagues from all over the world and came up with solutions for an Arcadis global challenge together. We had a golden journey together understanding more about Arcadis globally and got to know each other as well. It furnishes me to build a truly global network with both global leaders as well as other global shapers. 

I have finished my study and exam on International Certificate in Risk Management recently and the knowledge I learnt has helped me to support my team to deliver one of the projects that I’m currently working on. Opportunity has been given whenever I can help to add value to our clients or our company and it’s valued by everyone in the team.

I would recommend the Young Talent Program to everyone and same to other great programs that we have in Arcadis. It really helps you to have a global view and understanding of Arcadis. Be proactive and hardworking, you can realize your potential in Arcadis and let’s enjoy the journey!

Liang Ling Xiao
Graduate Consultant (Joined in 2014)
Global Shapers in 2015