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The challenge

Limburg has been hit by severe floods in the past, and without intervention it could happen again. According to estimates, as many as 60,000 people could be affected by flooding in the Meuse valley, causing up to 3 billion euros worth of damage. Limburg Water Board wants to prevent this situation at all costs.


The solution

The water authority plan aims to improve the dikes in a climate-adaptable and future-proof way, with fifteen dike reinforcements and five dike relocations. Arcadis has been involved in the project from the very beginning, from planning and environmental management right through to implementation.



    The carefully crafted plan was compiled based on a thorough, objective and responsible process. Initially, the project will focus on the administrative and environmental aspects, before progressing to a reconnaissance phase, feasibility study phase and tendering. We have already provided all of the relevant information for the administrative decision-making process. Each separate dike project involves technical design, landscape design, river effect analysis, ecology, brook restoration, geohydrology, archaeology and cost estimates. All decisions are substantiated and documented in all of the necessary plans, including a preferred alternative specification, the MER/registration notice, the Dutch Water Act project plan and permits for each dike project.

    In partnership with the water authority, we are taking care of all environmental management aspects and carrying out all conditioning work. Together with the client, the tender has been prepared according to customer requirements and requirement specifications. Through administrative, content-related and financial program management, we are monitoring consistency between the different dike projects via 'work paths'. The project is being realized by Arcadis in partnership with Witteveen+Bos.


The impact

Flood protection is a long-term project that has a huge impact on the residents concerned. Despite the major floods in the 1990s, Limburg citizens—unlike residents of the coastal provinces—are not used to water control structures. The few dikes built along the Meuse river were never primarily intended to prevent flooding. This major project is therefore very significant for the region and its inhabitants. The work is even more urgent and necessary now that climate change is causing water levels in the Meuse to rise further. After completion, residents and companies in the northern Meuse valley will be well protected from high water levels and flooding.


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