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The challenge

An opportunity for the future of the Bicocca district

Bicocca is a district of Milan that represents a link between the city's past and its future more than most. The development of Bicocca began at the beginning of the 20th century with the construction of a series of factories that cemented the district as a symbol of Lombard industrialization for several decades. However, these factories were gradually abandoned from the late '70s. This opened a lengthy debate on the area's regeneration, which led Bicocca to welcome buildings of significant urban interest and to become one of the districts that best represents Milan's evolution.


    This is the location of a project that we are particularly proud of: Via Chiese. It was once home to an outdated building of poor architectural quality that required major renovation. It became immediately apparent that the project was a great opportunity to further boost the process of "urban regeneration" that makes the Bicocca district one of the city's most dynamic hubs.

The solution

"Conversion" does not mean "destruction"

Our aim was to significantly renovate the building, not completely demolish it. It was essential that the renovation was consistent with the development of the surrounding urban landscape, so, we had no choice but to restore the existing structure, converting it into a more modern building.


    But how could we fully renovate a building without starting again from the foundations up? We decided to strip it down to the frame, keeping the structure intact, and then carried out localized work. This allowed us to avoid comprehensive structural checks and, most importantly, a complete redesign.


    As it was a building restructuring, our work therefore did not require any kind of reconstruction permit.

The impact

Innovation and history. A potential synthesis.

Working in an area so historically significant to Milan was an ambitious challenge for us, as it involved an area covering 15,000 m².


Today, the district is home to a new building that represents an excellent standard of sustainable construction. A state-of-the-art building with a contemporary style that has adapted to the inevitable changes dictated by development, without renouncing its own history.


Just like the Bicocca district.

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