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Sustainable Cities Mobility Index 2017

Mobility systems are key to the everyday functioning of a city. Arcadis Sustainable Cities Mobility Index*) tracks the overall performance of the mobility systems in 100 cities around the world. Through a selection of 23 evaluation criteria, 100 cities are ranked as a means to identify which ones are most progressed in achieving sustainable mobility as the city stands today. Building from the rankings, the intent of this report is to showcase ways in which cities have and can advance sustainable urban mobility solutions.

Ing. Pavel Čermák

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Mobility systems are key to the everyday functioning of a city.

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Gain a competitive edge and improve quality of life

"As rapid urbanization, aging infrastructure, population growth and climate change continue to challenge our world’s cities, those that choose to make bold moves in advancing and diversifying their urban transport systems will gain a competitive edge. Investing in improved and sustainable mobility will give cities enhanced productivity, attractiveness and overall quality of life. Indeed, now is the time for cities to invest in their future. Budget is but one of the critical success factors. Boldness, audacity and vision likewise are important qualities for urban decision makers to improve quality of life in their cities. A standstill is not a viable option."

Carolien Gehrels, European Cities Director


The Mobility Index – for cities willing to learn from each other

In this latest installment of our Sustainable Cities Index, we focus on urban mobility - recognizing that transportation is a crucial part of our daily lives and an area undergoing significant transformation globally. Not all cities are in the same place in their mobility journey, as some have complex and aging systems while others are building new networks, but all can learn from each other and evaluate through the same criteria as a starting point.


*) compiled in partnership with research firm, Cebr


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Ing. Pavel Čermák

CEO +420 602 613 215 Zeptejte se mě

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Sustainable Cities Mobility Index

How can cities create sustainable urban mobility?

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